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The Rory Gallagher Facelift!

Facelift has added Rory Gallagher's iconic '61 sunburst Fender Stratocaster to its 'Signature Series'.

"We've been looking for a worn, distressed guitar image for our Stratocaster range for a while now," says Mike Hrano or Rockano Productions, which produces Facelift, "and they don't come more played-out and rocked than Rory's legendary instrument. It's a great honour for us to be associated with Rory and to have worked with his brother, Donal, and Donal's son, Daniel, to make this happen. The result is that Rory's Facelift will relic any guitar in an instant, without being permanent."

Rockano used photographs of Gallagher's Strat to create the 'Rory Facelift', which joins the 'No.1 Telecasters' used by both Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo in the 'Signature Series'.

"For a while during the '70s, Quo and Rory shared management and we toured together in America, so we knew each other well," says Parfitt, Facelift's inventor and co-owner of Rockano. "Rory was such a sweet man and an unbelievable musician - with a guitar to match. I'm so pleased and proud that Facelift has been able to reproduce it and help to keep Rory's fantastic legacy alive."

Commented Donal: "The Facelift is a true image replication of Rory's prized instrument. Its weathered appearance was gained from blood, sweat, and tears during his constant touring of the globe. In fact, my brother was alarmed when first the paintwork on his guitar began to peel. He was at a loss as what to do, but then they didn't have Facelifts!"

For more information about Rory Gallagher, go to www.rorygallagher.com
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Removable guitar body overlay Facelift won 'Best In Show' at the annual Winter NAMM event in Anaheim, California, during January.

The news was announced on the final morning of the four-day show, attended by more than 85,000 Music Industry professionals, after seven industry experts had trawled the trade exhibition to identify the best products and companies.

Their choices were revealed at a 'NAMM University Breakfast Session', prior to the final day of the show, when Facelift was declared 'a cool product made by cool guys. You can have one guitar and 30 different looks with Facelift.'

Read the full press release here.
Best In Show Award

Now available: officially licenced designs to fit Yamaha Pacifica guitars,
with two options for the 112V and three for the 012 and 112J models.
Applause Gig Solo Lightning Paintball
Applause Gig Solo Lightning Paintball
for Yamaha Pacifica
for Yamaha Pacifica
for Yamaha Pacifica
for Yamaha Pacifica
for Yamaha Pacifica

Four eye-catching Telecaster designs with bonus overlays!
target wire web""
target wire web check

Six striking Stratocaster designs with bonus overlays!
Urban Graffitti Rock
Girl Skull Punk
Click on designs for larger images

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